Adrian Dewhurst


10/1/05 07:10 pm - Serenity

Saw Serenity. It exceeded my expectations. I feel happy now.

River is teh awesome. I've always believed that telepathy would be the best single superpower to have... and she does a pretty good job showing why.

On that topic, given any pair of superpowers, I'd have to pick a combination of clairvoyance and telekinesis (the non-line-of-sight-required style). Then you can take over the world (or whatever) without having to leave home!

Naturally, given three, it'd be the telepathy + clairvoyance + telekinesis combo... although that's pretty powerful and probably not terribly likely to happen. Well, I guess none of the options are terribly likely to happen, but I think I'll stop now before I start talking like a statistician.

Again... I wish that I could incorporeally possess a ship!

Update: I just realized... they didn't show the "don't download movies" ad at the start. I wonder if they've stopped using that, or if it's just specific to Serenity.
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